Doctors Report Illness Tracker

Now here’s an idea you can use.

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Doctors Report is an illness tracker app for your phone. (You can access Doctors Report on their website with your computer.) In real-time, the app literally collects doctors’ reports and shows you the prevalence of a variety of illnesses in your area.

So for example, with the flu still running rampant, the app tracks both Influenza and Influenza A. Then you can also look at outbreaks by age. This can be particularly helpful for those under the age of five and those 65 and older.

Each illness displays colored maps and graphs to indicate whether the outbreak in your area is severe or non-existent.  It’s also a great tool to use if you plan on traveling for business or vacation.

If you check out the image shown, you will see there's a lot of Flu infection in the area. That's good to know so you can take steps to protect yourself. So check your app store and take advantage of this helpful tool. It's Free!